Welcome to Maian Lockbox

The Money Making PHP Membership System

Membership systems are a fantastic way to create regular income streams, so if you have regular content being updated and something to keep members interested you can be on your way to making some money.

Maian Lockbox makes it easy for you to run your own membership site. Each lockbox can have any data you want and is restricted to members only after payment. Packages can be set up to run subscription and fixed access time packages.

Need to have recurring payments for your content? No problem with Maian Lockbox. Need to set a fixed time access for someone? Say, 1 hour? No problem with Maian Lockbox.

Maian Lockbox has been written with ease of use in mind and is not over bloated with too many features. It has all the features you need to run an effective membership system.


v2.2 was released on 31 May 2017

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The following come as standard in all versions of Maian Lockbox.

  • Fixed access time limits and recurring subcriptions
  • Powerful admin interface to manage lockbox system
  • Redirects, Paypal & 2Checkout supported
  • Approval options, SMTP support & account management
  • PHP7 supported.
  • Fast, responsive HTML5 system for mobiles / tablets.