Changelog / History

Maian Lockbox release history is shown below:

Maian Lockbox Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 2.2 (31/05/2017):
[+] Added support for PHP7.1
[*] PHPMailer class updated to latest stable release (5.2.23)

Version 2.1 (26/06/2016):
[+] Added support for PHP7
[-] Fixed bugs with system and lockbox auto enable dates
[-] Fixed database backup issue when database name was in uppercase characters
[-] Fixed installer bug for database with hyphens in name
[-] Fixed issue which caused signup page to fail due to invalid package ID
[-] Fixed issue with fixed timer accounts throwing a fatal error
[-] Fixed undefined error bug that caused some gateway responses to fail for the sandbox
[-] On admin backup page, last updated date was showing incorrectly as creation date

Version 2.0 (14/10/2015):
[+] Added global switch for event logs in settings.
[+] Added option to add notes to payments
[+] Added smtp security option, from name, from email and other address option
[+] Added white label licence. Market and sell the product as your own.
[+] Package signup pages can now load from different themes if set.
[+] Templates now theme based system for frontend.
[*] Added option to write event logs when sending batch mail
[*] All frontend operations, contact, pass reset etc recoded for better performance
[*] Batch mail option moved from tools to separate screen
[*] Brand new responsive HTML5 system via Twitter Bootstrap
[*] Deprecated MySQL functions removed and replaced with MySQLi
[*] Emails now plain text and HTML by default
[*] Export members and payments routines moved to separate pages
[*] Payments can now be exported using member filter. Package filter removed.
[*] Removed PHP mail function, SMTP now required
[*] When approving members system now checks htpasswd entry exists and adds it if it`s missing
[*] You can now add/edit event log notes for any event log entry
[*] Removed ioncube encryption system
[-] Fixed issue preventing edit of single lockbox for free version

Version 1.0 (04/02/2013):
[+] v1.0 Released

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